University Recognition to SENG Faculty

A vibrant body of educators is the backbone of HKUST, and university-wide honors have been established to acknowledge this mantra and applaud faculty members from different schools who have helped reinvent education on the whole by virtue of their exceptional teaching philosophies and methodologies. And along the history of HKUST, such prestigious honors have time and again been bestowed upon SENG faculty members from different engineering disciplines. This has attested to our teaching community’s enduring devotion to quality and inventive education.

Michael G Gale Medal for Distinguished Teaching

The Michael G Gale Medal for Distinguished Teaching at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology was established by the University Council in 1994 to commemorate the late Founding Council Member, Mr. Michael G. GALE, for his distinguished service and outstanding contributions to the development of the University.

The Medal is awarded each year at the University's Congregation to a member of the academic staff who best exemplifies continued pursuit of excellence, devotion to teaching, and the ability to inspire and motivate others. The recipient is representative of the high quality of teaching and learning that the University offers and promotes.

广东快乐十分For more details of the Medal and a full list of the awardees, visit the  of the University.

Prof. SONG Shenghui

Prof. SONG Shenghui

Recipient of Michael G Gale Medal for Distinguished Teaching Award 2018

Award Recipients from School of Engineering





Electronic and Computer Engineering


广东快乐十分Computer Science and Engineering


广东快乐十分Electronic and Computer Engineering


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Electronic and Computer Engineering


广东快乐十分Computer Science and Engineering


广东快乐十分Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering


广东快乐十分Computer Science


Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Civil Engineering


Common Core Teaching Excellence Award

The implementation of the Common Core Program provides students with an exciting and excellent opportunity to enrich their undergraduate educational experience. The successful delivery of this Common Core Program depends on the contribution of instructors, together with the full support from their School and department / unit, in developing and teaching a good collection of common core courses.

广东快乐十分The Common Core Teaching Excellence Award is established in 2016 to recognize outstanding common core course instructors who have made substantial contribution to the design and / or the teaching of exemplary common core courses, and to promote these courses to the students in the University community.

For more details of the Award and a full list of the awardees, visit the of the University.

Prof. Thomas HU

Prof. Thomas HU

Recipient of Common Core Teaching Excellence Award 2018

Award Recipients from School of Engineering

Common Core Teaching Excellence Award (2016-2018)

Year  Recipient Department
2018 Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Honorable Mention

Year Recipient Department
2017 Chemical and Biological Engineering
2016   Civil and Environmental Engineering
2016 Computer Science and Engineering

Common Core Course Excellence Award 2015

The Honorable Mention

广东快乐十分by Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering